Behind-the-scenes heroes who step up when wildlife needs them

When the time comes to carry out a big cat rescue or relocation, it can take great resources and effort from start to finish, but it cannot be done without companies, business people and individual sponsors playing their part. We thank all of our sponsors for stepping up to the plate and helping us in our efforts for wildlife.

KDT Communications

KDT Communications, a marketing and communications company, is the brain child of dynamic sister duo Kirsty and Kerryn Du Toit, that provides a personalised approach to marketing and brand management. KDT Comms has an esteemed list of clientele that ranges from singers, to models, to sportsmen to MC’s as well as various corporations. They have it all and pride themselves in giving excellent and personalised client services. KDT Comms goal is universal – deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. Kerryn and Kirsty grew up in an animal loving family and both have always been passionate about helping animals and protecting our wildlife, and as such have offered their priceless support to the Captured In Africa Foundation.

Bri-Dev Construction

Bri-Dev Construction founded in 1985 offers a full turn-key solution to their clients, not only facilitating projects but offering a range of products in order to simplify their clients’ needs so as to deal with one supplier, one developer and ultimately one face, these services range from development and building, to shop fitting to customized furniture, and everything in between. Bri-Dev Construction has formed an integral part of the industry with key projects such as The Oprah Winfrey Scholars Project, The Clifftop Executive Hideaway Lodge and the Hyatt Regency Hotel overhaul and many more. Being an avid bush lover, Bri-Dev founder Brian Abrahamson also prides himself in offering eco-efficient products and services and is thus able to offer totally green-friendly projects. BriDev have been an integral supporter of Captured In Africa Foundation from its inception.

Interested in getting your company involved as a sponsor or another way? Big Cats need you too, so please consider offering your support, thank you