Dedicated, passionate individuals to the Captured In Africa Foundation cause

We’ve met some incredible high-profile people and each of them are equally as passionate as we are about our Continent, Country and wildlife. It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our foundation ambassadors – working with us to inspire others.

Anji Woodley

Anji Woodley is a South African Actress, Director and Model. Anji began her career in arts from a very young age and has been partaking in theatrical productions since nursery school and has succeeded tremendously with multiple local and international commercials, as well as presenting high end fashion shows. Anji is a firm believer in aligning brands and purposes that are similar to hers in the regard of their goals and integrity, and is an animal rights activist. These beliefs have led her to become an ambassador for Captured In Africa Foundation, where she hopes and aspires to bring global awareness on the plight of big cats.

A big personal thank you to our foundation ambassadors for putting in their time & effort for nothing in return, except pride at doing something worthwhile. If you’re reading this and feel the same, speak to us today and get involved