Behind-the-scenes heroes who step up when wildlife needs them

When the time comes to carry out a big cat rescue or relocation, it can take great resources and effort from start to finish, but it cannot be done without companies, business people and individual sponsors playing their part. We thank all of our sponsors for stepping up to the plate and helping us in our efforts for wildlife.

Rubio Monocoat

Save The King

Last year Rubio Monocoat took a lion, the king of the jungle, as its mascot. Since we share the same qualities like leadership, braveness, teamwork and loyalty and because we distinguish ourselves by our extensive variety of 40 colours, we named our mascot ‘The King of Colours.’ People love our mascot and we are very proud of him. That’s why we care deeply about the family of our King of Colours. Unfortunately they don’t do well. The amount of wild lions in the continent of Africa is decreasing rapidly. Already +/- 80% of the lions have vanished in the last 100 years.

Because the king of the jungle means a lot to Rubio Monocoat, we want to take action against this. That is why we joined forces with The Captured In Africa Foundation. This inspiring foundation is a registered non-profit organisation. It is established to protect, relocate and rescue lions.

Together we want to help save our King of Colours. Rubio Monocoat Headquarters already donated 2.000 euro. Rubio Monocoat UK and Rubio Monocoat SA each donated another 1.000 euro! We’re very thankful for that. And now you can help! You can raise another 2.000 euro by simply liking this Facebook page. No strings attached (we swear). If we reach 5K likes, Rubio Monocoat Head-office will donate another 2.000 euro! In that way you can raise money and awareness by simply liking this Facebook page! How awesome is that?

Check out the Facebook page here

Interested in getting your company involved as a sponsor or another way? Big Cats need you too, so please consider offering your support, thank you