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Past Projects

The team are dedicated to saving as many lives as responsibly possible, every life a story behind it, below are just some of the rescues and/or relocations spearheaded and assisted by Captured In Africa Foundation founder Drew Abrahamson with the help of her team. It includes their story – some are heart-breaking, some appear as miracles, yet all inspiring – we hope they will inspire you to become involved.

Nyanga – Free State South Africa:
December 2011, duration 4 ½ months. A 10 year old white female Lion killed a zoo employee at their breeding farm in the Free State, and so began a 4 ½ month long fight to save her from being euthanized. She was later transferred to Lions Rock Sanctuary. It has taken her many years to settle & feel comfortable enough to let people into her space.

Sassy & Jessie – Free State South Africa:
January 2012, duration 4 months. These 2 Lion cubs were 4 months old & rescued from a breeding farm in the Free State. They crept into my heart & soul very quickly.

Chanel – Cairo Egypt:
January 2013, duration 6 months. A 6 month old female Lion cub rescued off the streets of Egypt by an Egyptian business woman. A lengthy process dealing with CITES import & export offices to get her to a sanctuary in South Africa.

Serabie – Limpopo Province South Africa:
June 2013, duration 4 months. An 8 month old female Lion cub rescued from a breeding farm in Limpopo Province. A pain staking 1 ½ identification process took place the week before we collected her to make sure we identified her correctly. She is now companion to Chanel from Egypt.

Vega – Baghdad Iraq:
September 2013, duration 3 months. This female Lion cub was bought by an Iraqi Government official & kept in a compound in Baghdad locked in a room on her own. Working with Born Free and a few ex-military guys who were private security, we were trying to coax them into giving her up & for Born Free to take her to sanctuary. The Foundation sent over supplies of formula, enrichment toys & bottles for feeding. She sadly never made it.

Beau – North West South Africa:
January 2014, duration 5 months. A beautiful male Lion who was coming to the end of his shelf life as a breeding & interacting farms top Walking with Lions top ‘walker’ in North West Province. These lions often get abused behind the scenes as the handlers teach them that people with sticks need to be respected. Beau to this day still does not like it when any form of long object is picked up in front of him.

Wild Male relocation –
Thanda Private Game Reserve, Natal South Africa:
April 2014, duration 6 months. I was contacted by a private commercial game reserve to help locate a safe home for 2 of their 3 years old wild male Lions. It was a gruelling, stressful 6 months as space is very limited throughout South Africa & Africa where you can release wild Lions.

Emma & Amber – Gauteng South Africa:
July 2014, duration 5 months. These 2 beautiful girls were born at the Pretoria Zoo in Gauteng & are 16 & 18. The zoo was looking for a safe place to retire them so they could live the rest of their lives in peace!

Wild Male relocation –
Thanda Private Game Reserve, Natal South Africa:
June 2014, duration 1 year 5 months. Another call to find a home for 2 more wild males Lions 2 1/2 years of age. They have gone to an eco-reserve that was looking to introduce Lions onto the property.

Lia – Cairo Egypt:
July 2015, duration 5 months. Lia was rescued from a market in Cairo by an Egyptian business man. Lia was 6 months on arrival in a 3 month old cubs body due to severe malnutrition, she is on a variety of extra supplements to help her bones develop as fast as possible. Lia loves life to the fullest & has Elsa as her sister for life.

Natacha – Spain:
September 2015, 8 months. Another Spanish Circus abuse case, Natacha was confiscated by authorities & on arrival at her temporary home very fearful of people & there were signs that she had been manhandled & possibly drugged. Natacha is now almost a year old & will be placed with her companion very soon where she will be able to get all the Lion love she needs to heal.

Soraya – North West South Africa:
January 2016, duration ongoing. A 6 month old female that has been rescued from a breeding farm in North West Province. There are clear signs of abuse as she is very fearful of people which is getting slightly better as the weeks pass due to love, patience & understanding. She will be relocated to a sanctuary in due course with a white male Lion called Mufasa.

February 2016, duration ongoing. Mufasa who is a 4 month old white male cub, was confiscated by North West Nature Conservation due to lack of permits by the individual & is now in an ongoing court case. Mufasa has been introduced to Soraya & since this, Soraya has become a little more confident. Both cubs will be relocated to a sanctuary in due course.