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A call to action for young people around the world.

Our wildlife needs help… can you help?

If you think you can, Captured In Africa Foundation invite YOU to join in this amazing awareness drive on #WorldWildlifeDay on Friday 3rd March 2017

About World Wildlife Day 2017

The UN World Wildlife Day (WWD) is the global celebration of the many beautiful and varied forms
of wild animals and plants on our planet as well as an occasion to raise awareness of the multitude
of benefits that conservation provides to both wildlife and people and the plight of many threatened
or endangered species. World Wildlife Day is celebrated annually on 3rd March, the day of the
signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
(CITES) in 1973.

The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Listen to the Young Voices’, with a focus on connecting young
people around the world to explore what wildlife conservation and protection mean to them and
instil a responsibility in them to take action for the future of both wild animals and plants.


Are you a student? A teacher? Part of a learning group? Are you an aspiring conservationist, vet or animal scientist?

You can participate wherever in the world you are on 3rd March.

Do something for #WorldWildlifeDay and share your amazing efforts with our team, let us all celebrate wildlife and importantly raise awareness of the risks animals such as Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, Pangolins, Gorillas and many more face.

How to take part

Use the following Hashtags: #WorldWildlifeDay #DoOneThingToday #youth4wildlife
Supplementary hashtags: #YoungVoices #WWD2017 #EndWildlifeTrafficking

Main Twitter @Wildlifeday @CITES

Share your efforts with Captured In Africa Foundation: Tag us on Facebook (capturedinafricafoundation), Tag us on Twitter (@cia_foundation), Tag us on Instagram (@capturedinafricafoundation) or email us directly ( what you have done for #WorldWildlifeDay

Download the official media kit: WWD2017 social media kit_1

What can you do?

You can use anything to get your message across, what is happening to our wildlife and why we need to save it. A few examples include;

  • Art, drawings
  • Animal face masks
  • Educational posters
  • Talk or presentations to your school or friends
  • Sing, dance, act a routine for animals (use YOUR talent)
  • Set up a stall in your community with leaflets or posters
  • Use social media to tell the world why we need wildlife
  • Fundraise for Captured In Africa Foundation projects
  • Use the Hashtags

See more at the official #WorldWildlifeDay website –

Children at Tree Tops School in Durban raised R2,000 for Captured In Africa Foundation projects in 2016 with their own awareness day for big cats.