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The Kidz are Alright…

You might remember last year that Treetops School in Durban hosted a number of activities to raise funds and awareness for Captured In Africa Foundation, well, our favourite little supporters decided to get involved again by celebrating World Environment Day in true South African Style.

This year the emphasis was on creating awareness on the cruelty of the cub petting industry. The children came to school dressed as Big Cats or wearing masks and face paint. They also each gave R10 towards the schools fundraising collection with a total of R3550.00 being raised and already deposited into the Foundations account.



The school Environmental Club, the Eco Rangers, decided to stage a demonstration, highlighting their protests against cub petting. They spent several weeks making placards and arrived at school early in the morning in their outfits, wearing the badges the school gave them with the slogan “Let me be free, don’t pet me!”. They then took up their positions outside the campus, holding up their placards and singing chants such as “No Cub petting” and “Let Lions Be Free”! Parents and passing motorists got into the spirit of the protests by hooting and waving as they went by, truly showing just how much impact these incredible young people have.


Treetops Principle Kerry McNevin describes; “The children thoroughly enjoyed this event and we feel that they really understand why it is so important to protest the cub petting industry, as well as the plight of all animals that are exploited in circuses and other entertainment facilities.”

The children are in fact so passionate about this cause that they are already planning their next protest!

We believe here at Captured In Africa Foundation that children are the future of conservation, they are tomorrows heroes, and we know that these passionate young people will continue to make a huge difference for all wildlife in the future, and somehow, that makes us rest just a little bit easier at night.

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THANK YOU once again to Kerry McNevin, teachers, parents and especially all the children at Treetops School, Durban, for their amazing efforts and dedication for conservation issues.

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