Pit-Track is a K9 conservation unit that specialises in rhino protection, anti-poaching, tracking, K9 training and investigations. They have a 100% success rate and to date, have not had a single rhino killed on their watch.

Pit-Track offer 24 hour protection on rhinos, following them permanently with highly armed operators with attack & tracking dogs.

Largely self-funded, Pit-Track rely heavily on the donations and sponsorships from the public, private and commercial sectors, in maintaining their incredible efforts for our wildlife.

How we help
Captured In Africa Foundation’s partnership with Pit-Track began with a specialised, emergency deployment to safeguard several rhino in an area of South Africa in 2016. This deployment completed successfully with no rhino lost. Our team assists Pit-Track with much needed guidance, media, public relations and outgoing support. The public & private/commercial parties can now also help Pit-Track directly by using our unique ‘wish list’ below, to donate financially much needed items to this amazing anti-poaching unit.